CSS Validator not showing coorect results

I recently ran a check on some CSS 3 code I'd implemented.  It returned with very few errors.

About 2 years ago - I ran the same check and it retunred 0 errors.

Nothing changed between one check and the next except time.

The errors are arising based on specific CSS v3 Properties - yes I am aware the CSS v3 has not been finalized yet.

The issue is that according to the Spec Page for any given CSS v3 Porperty the code is correct - but according to the Validator it is incorrect.

Someone might want to revisit the CSS Vaildator and update it's check results on any current Properties that are currently acceptable CSS v3.

OR maybe disable the CSS v3 option from the Drop Down - until the Specs are finalized if no one feels the need to keep this current.


Received on Sunday, 26 February 2012 22:19:48 UTC