Vendor Extension Warnings

To the CSS Validator team:

What has happened to the new option that you recently added, which allowed us to display vendor extensions as warnings (as opposed to errors)?

I really do hope that you have just taken it down temporarily, rather than permanently removing the option.

In my humble opinion, the possibility of being able to class CSS vendor extensions as warnings is *A Good Thing*: Many  myself included  do not want to use CSS properties that do not validate. As you probably know, some websites, such as government organisations, are actually *bound* use to valid code. Therefore, by removing this option, you are effectively discouraging a large number of designers/developers from pushing the boundaries and using the new features and functionality that CSS3 provides.

Just my two cents, as they say.


Jordan Clark

(P.S. If you *have* only took this feature down for some behind-the-scenes fine-tuning, please accept my apology for this little rant!)


Received on Sunday, 10 April 2011 19:04:43 UTC