Vendor-specific extensions: warnings, not errors

CSS validator team,

this has been brought up a few times but I too may ask you to consider
throwing warnings, not errors, on the use of vendor-specific

Example: “Property -moz-border-radius doesn't exist : 3px [3px]” [1].

I go into a bit more detail in a separate blog post [2] essentially
pointing out that 1) the syntax of most vendor-specific extensions—as
defined in the CSS specs—is in fact correct, and 2) is worth being
checked for correctness given that such extensions are used and
sometimes needed in practice. Throwing errors seems counter-productive
to any real-world attempt to rigorously establish valid code as a
quality baseline.

Please let me know if I missed that you’re already working on a
solution (which I’d consider good news).

Thank you—


Jens O. Meiert

Received on Saturday, 26 June 2010 03:03:10 UTC