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Thank you very much, David!


Do you know why CSS Validator POST request does not work now? It used to work fine.




Subject: Re: Question about CSS Validator Web Service
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 20:14:04 +0100

On 17 Jun 2010, at 23:50, Chen Sun wrote: 

I plan to design an CSS Validator which can validate a batch of files in the same directory. I have two questions hoping you can help me out.{marin:20x;border:1x solid #000;backgrod:blue url(images/lcolex1.gif) repeat-y left top;padding:5px;}
You will get "Congratulations! No Error Found."
But when I validate by direct input, a couple of errors there. 

# indicates the start of a fragment identifier in a URI, it and everything that follows it will not be passed to the server as it is only used by the client to identify part of the returned document.

Did I use ?text=contentToValid right? Should I encode white space, etc?

Yes. And the "etc" is important. 

2. Is it possible to validate a local css file? How? I tried|/MyDocuments/test.css
or ?uri=C:\MyDocuments\test.css
or ?uri=\MyDocuments\test.css
or ?uri=file://servername/publicShare/test.css 
None worked.

You can't give the validator a private URI and have it fetch it. You have to upload the file.

If you are building a tool, you probably should be using the SOAP API:

I also suggest you install a local copy of the validator rather than hammering the free, public service:

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