"speech" Media Type Not Recognized

Hello all,

While designing my site, I decided to future-proof my stylesheet by using
"@media speech" (along with some other, recognized types, including "aural")
to hide a style element, and was surprised to find that it is not recognized
by the validator - despite being
useless) in the standard.  "aural", though still useful and
recognized by the validator, is deprecated.  From the CSS 2.1

> [...] CSS 2.1 reserves the 'speech' media type (see chapter 7, "Media
> types"), but does not yet define which properties do or do not apply to it.
> The properties in this appendix apply to a media type 'aural', that was
> introduced in CSS2. The type 'aural' is now deprecated
So not only do I consider this a possible bug, but I think I might be
mistaken on the intended meaning of "deprecated" (in HTML 4.01 too?).  Are
we supposed to use deprecated features or not?  I thought the term meant,
"Do not ever use this anymore," (not that this always proves practical).
And if it does, then doesn't strict standards compliance ironically isolate
disabled users from the very Web which it supposedly makes accessible to
In ALL things, strive for ><>,

Received on Wednesday, 7 July 2010 07:20:19 UTC