AW: Report page in validation service is not well-formed XML when the validation was successful

In litteris suis de Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2008 14:21, Jukka K. Korpela

> Svensson, Lars wrote:
>> The validation results page in the css-validator returns not
>> well-formed XML when the validation was successful.
> Do you really mean it is not well-formed (as opposite to not being
> valid)? 
> "Failed validation, 14 Errors"
> The first error is
> Line 33, Column 19: end tag for element "a" which is not open.
> I have no idea of why the report contains the spurious line 33,
> containing just an unmatched "</a>" tag.

Yes. That is the obvious error I mean. I might be mistaken, but to me
this makes the document not well-formed (and thus automatically invalid
since well-formedness is a prerequisit...).

> I have an idea about the next cluster of errors, since line 34 says:
> This document validates as <a
> href=>CSS level
> 2.1</a> !
> The problem is lack of quotation marks around the href
> attribute value.

True. I never got that far, since my parser barfed already on the
unmatched </a> tag.

> This tends to confuse a validator thoroughly, for reasons explained in
> The Saga of Slashed Validators, see

Interesting read. Since the document is supposed to be XHTML, I guess
the quotes must be mandatory anyway.

Thanks for the insights,


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