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On Mar 6, 2008, at 11:54 , Steven Friedrich wrote:

> I was wondering what version of CSS this validator was checking for,  
> since I
> didn't remember any declaration in my source.

There is no versioning system in CSS, so you cannot declare anything  
indeed. The validator does have options to check against a particular  
profile, and at the moment the validator checks against the CSS 2.1  

In the future, following the recommendation of the group of expert  
leading the standardization of CSS, the validator will validate  
against "all of the CSS that has been standardized so far".

> I found the answer, I believe, at:
> It says: "This is a CSS validator for Cascading Style Sheets, level  
> 2."

That page is horribly outdated. Shouldn't be ther any more. Yves, do  
you think there is any way we could redirect it to /documentation.html ?

I fixed a few other instances where the documentation said css2 where  
it should say css 2.1, I'm fixing that. Thank you.

> Shouldn't this be pronounced upon validation?

The development version, soon to be in production, does just that:

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