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Re: Parse Error if @Media is first line in style sheet

From: Douglas Perreault <doug@perreault.us>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 02:20:11 -0500
To: <www-validator-css@w3.org>
Message-ID: <007501c72f07$9bc11f70$6400a8c0@perreault.us>
Malheuresement, je ne sais pas.
I believe the file is saved as UTF-8, but I have no idea what BOM means
(Beginning of ???) or how to save the file without it. I also don't know how
I'd save the file as other than UTF-8.
Somewhere along the way our IIS-6 server stopped serving up ISO-8859 pages
and started serving up UTF-8. We had to do a search & replace on all web
pages with charsets of ISO-8859 and can't really see why.
There are no MIME types for text that show a character set of UTF-8 -- in
fact the ASP extension isn't even listed as a MIME type either in the server
properties area or in the default website area or in any other website.
I wish I knew how to change this back to ISO-8859 but I cannot find how to
do it anywhere.
So, I believe the file is being saved as UTF-8 because it looks like
everything on our server is being saved that way. I don't know what BOM is
or how I'd save the file without it.
If you know those answers and can assist me, that would be great. Otherwise,
I guess the question is, why does the validator work fine on this file if
the @media descriptor is not the first descriptor on the page? Seems like if
the file format was a problem, it'd be a problem no matter what the first
line was.
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