Re: background-color not validating when it should

Robert Mullaney wrote:

> A 2-sided argument is pointless. I would not have posted this if I knew only
> 1 person would get involved in the discussion.
> Doesn't anybody else have an opinion on this? Obviously we know my point of
> view and David's. I find it impossible to believe nobody else has anything
> to say.

I have an opinion.  On this point at least, David's logic
is flawless.  Either the validator is entitled to issue
warnings or it is not (/tertium non datur/ applies here
without qualification).  Since, by definition, anything
that is incorrect as per the CSS spec. must generate an
error, warnings -- if they are to be issued -- must be
reserved for those cases wherein the spec. is met but
caution is nonetheless needed.  This is clearly one of
those cases.

The question is therefore "Should the validator issue
warnings", and I believe that the answer is "no".  We
have been told time and time again that the validator
(usually the HTML validator, but the argument applies
equally to the CSS validator) is not a LINT-like tool.
It should therefore stop behaving like one, at least
in its default configuration.  I see no reason, however,
why warnings should not be generated if the user, through
the advanced interface, elects to receive them.

Philip Taylor

Received on Monday, 20 November 2006 00:36:14 UTC