Re: New lineup of "valid" icons

Hi Philip,

This is not really a question for this forum, so I am moving it to  
www-validator, if you do not mind.

On Nov 16, 2006, at 01:20 , Philip TAYLOR wrote:
> Slightly confused by the HTML 4.0 / HTML 4.01 dichotomy :
> you offer distinct icons for both,

Yes, the two are available.

> the validator recognises only 4.01

No, the validator knows and recognises 4.0 as it has done for ages 

> (from the drop-down list of the extended interface),

The drop-down list does not have exactly all supported document  
types, but rather, we try to put there all document types for which  
we think people may want to do an override. HTML 4.0 is not there,  
perhaps an involuntary omission, in any case it makes sense to push  
people to use 4.01 if they have not yet decided.

> and W3.ORG itself refers only
> to 4.0 on its HTML page (,

Not sure where you saw that.
clearly talks about HTML 4.01, as latest version of HTML 4, and a  
revision of the HTML 4.0


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