Re: Comment/question about HTML validator response...

Hello, Burtin,

On Sep 16, 2005, at 4:01, Burtin Hart wrote:
> My point is that it is not identified as "just" a note and therefore 
> implies
> it is feedback from the CSS validator that your HTML *is* invalid.

As Bjoern noted in his first reply:
> This is indeed a reminder; could you make a proposal on how to revise 
> the text?

The CSS validator is a free, open source tool that is relying a lot on 
its user community for development.
Feedback is very much welcome, and especially for cases where the 
wording could be improved, it is considered polite and constructive to 
not only point at the wrong wording, but also suggest a better 

Can you think of any wording for that note that would make it clear it 
is "just" a note?

Thank you for your feedback.
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