Validator does not accept certain URI's?

Hi there:

I'm having trouble validating CSS's generated through CGI by specifying 
a URI on the form.  The validator refuses to accept the URI.

The CSS URI is:,navbar,sidebar,stories

Simpler forms such as:

also fail.

Specifying the webpage:

also fails.

The CSS link in the pages is of the form:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" 

To give you some internal details:

There is a bit of internal URI rewriting, and 'themes' is a CGI script 
that pulls the appropriate set of CSS's by combining PATH_INFO and the 
value of the 'css' variable.

However all of this should be transparent to any client.  For instance a 
manual telnet pull works just fine, every HTTP/1.0 compliant browser i 
have tried works just fine too.

Points of note:
	- The CGI script sends Content-Type: text/css
	  as part of the HTTP header information.
	- The <link> sets type=text/css.

Perhaps this is error on my part or perhaps this is a bug in the 
validator. If I am mis-specifying anything, kindly point me in the right 

Thank you,

Ahmed Masud <>

N.B.: I have not subscribed to the mailing-list, I would very much 
appreciate a CC to me if the mailing list manager changes the Reply-To 
to itself. - A

Received on Monday, 20 January 2003 18:21:52 UTC