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Dear Sirs,

we are a non governative organisation working with many manufacturers (especially SMEs) in the North East of Italy, one of the most dynamic areas in 
Europe, producing a great deal of fashionable, distinguished products and well known for its "made in ITALY" labels!!!

one of our clients is an Italian manufacturer of:

Eccentric screw pumps  . Fields of application: sewage and waste water treatment plants both civil and industrial, to feed filter presses, to pump fresh 
and digested sludge, polyelectrolite or flocculant solutions, tanneries, fish waste, abattoir and slaughter houses, waste water.
Paper and cellulose industry, adhesive and pigment processing, resin, paint industries, vinyl acrylic emulsion.
Building industry, cement, lime, bentonite, cement and asbestos mixtures, ceramics.
Food industry for the production of syrups, fruit juice, chocolate, glucose, fat, oat meal, honey,
milk and its derivates such as cream and yoghurt.
Concentrated musts, wines and alcohols, beer and malt and for the feeding of pasteurisers.

Are you interested ?

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Just return this e-mail by way of confirmation and we will contact you immediately !

Would you like to have further information or are you interested in other products/sector?

Visit EPTANET web site : <>, and fill in EPTANET registration form!

We can put you in touch with many companies located in the NORTH-EAST of ITALY.

IMPORTANT: our service is completely free - now and in the future - since the costs of our organisation are already covered by the companies in the 
north-east of Italy.

For any further information, fax to this number : ++39.422.713321 or mail to <>         

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Received on Tuesday, 11 September 2001 13:05:54 UTC