Validator Issues

Just curious...

I have been using an enhancement to IE 5.5, that does not seem to affect
other browsers.  The code I have been using changes the color of the
scroll-bar on my website.  However, the CSS Validator doesn't seem to like
the code.

Here are the errors...

Line: 6 Context : BODY 
Property scrollbar-face-color doesn't exist : #008000 
Line: 7 Context : BODY 
Property scrollbar-shadow-color doesn't exist : #000000 
Line: 8 Context : BODY 
Property scrollbar-highlight-color doesn't exist : #000000 
Line: 9 Context : BODY 
Property scrollbar-3dlight-color doesn't exist : #000000 
Line: 10 Context : BODY 
Property scrollbar-darkshadow-color doesn't exist : #000000 
Line: 11 Context : BODY 
Property scrollbar-track-color doesn't exist : #005000 
Line: 12 Context : BODY 
Property scrollbar-arrow-color doesn't exist : #008000 

the css file is at
my main site is at

if those are valid CSS2 attributes, but I have them coded improperly, please
let me know.  Or if there could possibly be a way to ignore it in the
validator.  It is the only thing that is giving me errors and I just want to
make sure I didn't mess up the code.

Matthew McConchie
(703)713-9755 x 9223

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