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validator error

From: Jonathon Isaac Swiderski <jonathon.swiderski@oberlin.edu>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 15:53:59 -0400
To: www-validator-css@w3.org
Message-id: <1606194540.993743639@m052c1.public.oberlin.edu>
when trying to validate the css for page 
[http://www.oberlin.edu/~PAN/index.html], i receive the error

     Target: http://www.oberlin.edu/~PAN/index.html
     org.xml.sax.SAXException: Please, fix your system identifier (URI) in 
the DOCTYPE rule.

when trying to validate the css files 
[http://www.oberlin.edu/~PAN/panhome.css] or 
[http://www.oberlin.edu/~PAN/pan.css], i receive the error

     Target: http://www.oberlin.edu/~PAN/panhome.css
     I/O Error: Unknown mime type : application/x-pointplus

I have never received these error before, have never had a problem with 
.css files on this server before, and have no administrative access to the 
server.  The .html file did not receive any errors from the html validator 

what do these errors mean, and how do i fix them?

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