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From: Gomer Thomas (gomer@lgerca.com)
Date: Thu, Dec 17 1998

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Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 07:44:37 -0500
From: Gomer Thomas <gomer@lgerca.com>
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Subject: [Fwd: Use cases]

Craig et al.,

Here are some additional contributions to the use cases, from Jack Lang.

Jack Lang wrote:

> Some additional examples you may want to consider:
> In your example (2) some global brand (Coca Cola for the sake of argument,
> with the normal trademark note), wishes to place a URI (maybe as a datagram)
> in to be broadcast with the program and displayed as a pop-up, linking to
> one or some of:
> a) a web-cast infomercial on their site
> b) Informercial broadcast separately, for example the previous night, and
> locally stored on the STB's disc
> c) Infomercial broadcast on a separate advertising channel
> d) infomercial available on a VOD (or NVOD) channel
> 2) They also wish this link placed on the sponsorship logo in the EPG. The
> sponsorship logo may be animated.
> Jack Lang

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