more scenarios

These may have already been covered, but since i worked on them, 
i'll send them out anyway - i tried to be semi-systematic - 
i'm not sure that it covers all the cases, and that i use
the right terminology - if not, please point it out:

1) Include current TV picture in HTML page

a) Where does HTML page come from ?

a1) Web page is stored on Web 
    -> URI should be globally unique
a2) Web page exists in broadcast channel only
    -> URI must be unique within broadcast channel
    a11) Web page transmitted in same channel as
         TV picture
    a12) TV picture comes from different channel
         -> need to name the other channel

b) How is TV picture transmitted ?

a) analog broadcast
b) digital broadcast
   b1) ATSC
   b2) DVB
   b3) ARIB (seperaate system ?)

2) Include object (e.g. applet) transmitted in TV broadcast
in HTML page

a) HTML page is transmitted in broadcast

- analog transmission
- digital transmission
  - DVB
  - ATSC
  - ARIB

b) HTML stored on Web

is this a practical case ?
maybe for "hybrid applications" (like hybrid DVB, hybrid CD-ROM),
but i'm not sure the same business model (if there is one) applies

3) Include particular TV program in Web (StarTrek sequel 100)
   -> requires naming
   -> is this in scope ? 
   -> can this be 

4) Include current IP multicast channel in Web page
   -> similar to TV, since this is also a broadcast resource

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