Authoring Approach

Dear all
As we know there is always more than one way to do it, 
so we might find a set of ways to visualize how we reach to the same set of targets in individual manners. Reading all the recent messages I would like to get your feedback on an additional idea intended to build consens:
Authoring Approach.
Imagine there would be detailed desription of a program similar to
a nowadays TV Channel with:
- commercial
- news
- live talk
- movies
with futuredays:
- interactions
- e-commerce capable security
- storage needs.
Based on this descriptions, a kind of requiremental test drive, 
all the diffrent approaches to futuremedia could check where
they would meet the future needs. The results should all look the same.
In comparing the solutions, it should be possible to extract the strenght of
each approach.
This idea surely needs some more time to work than the next few weeks and might be usefull on the longer run.

Henning Timcke
Ideen Werft22 GmbH

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a collection of them might be of general interest.

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