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Date: Wed, Nov 04 1998

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Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 08:04:20 -0500
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Subject: Re: AW: AICI: Focus

At 7:33 PM +0100 11/3/98, Henning Timcke wrote:
>Does anyone know the more adequat pointers to these people ?
>We could collect the relevant URL's somewhere.
>>From my point of view more coordination would be useful.
>I do not see any conflicts right now.
>What I propose:
>1. find a way that allows to find out who is working on what
>2. find a way to communicate the diffrent approaches
>3. find out were there is conceptual consens
>If there are no conflicts, there is an enormous potential of
>collaborative power.

Prior to the AIC meeting in Atlantic City I made a concerted attempt to
learn about all of the organizations that are working in this area. I
attended the Quarterly SMPTE meetings, an OPIMA meeting, a DAVIC meeting,
L3 and MPEG.I also talked to the leadership of the ATVEF initiative and
DASE. Needless to say there is a large amount of duplication of
efforts--coordination is badly needed.

My original intent was to hold an OpenDTV Summit Conference concurrent with
the AIC meeting to bring together all of the affected groups that are
working on this problem. This meeting was postponed due to tight schedules
and logistics. I am now trying to reschedule this meeting for December 5th
& 6th in California. Unfortunately, this is the weekend before the next
MPEG meeting, but it is a good opportunity to bring together most of the
groups in the U.S. working on these problems. Those who are not planning on
going to Israel may want to consider attending the Summit Meeting. The
Western Cable show is the week before, and the SMPTE quarterly meetings
will be held the week after.