RE: AICI: Focus

Dear all,

Information on DAVIC can directly by found on our web site
Results from our last meeting in September can be found there as well. In
addition you have the possibility to download our DAVIC 1.5 baseline
specifications out for public review (anonymous access to At
the moment we are working on:

    a.. Applications Work for 1.5
    b.. Copy Control Framework
    c.. New Content Coding Formats

    d.. Intranet Design

    e.. Cable Modem

    f.. Implications of adding an internet work layer to MPEG-2 Systems

    g.. System Requirements and System Reference Model of Local Storage
Based Applications

    h.. JAVA Media API Extensions for services in PC WWW browsers

    i.. WEB driven access to Services and Contents

    j.. Editorial work for PART 1

    k.. A6 Architectural Issues(to 1.5)

More information can also be retrieved from the ftp site in the Membership
directory for instance What_is_DAVIC.ppt. I will ask the DAVIC COO to upload
a more recent version of this file somewhere next week.


Arian Koster
KPN Telecom
Arena - Innovations MultiMedia Services
Binckhorstlaan 184
Room BHL C488            Email:
P.O. Box 30207             Phone: +31 (0)70 341 1032
2500 GE Den Haag        Fax:   +31 (0)70 341 1006
The Netherlands   

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Thanks for the information:
Oliver Avaro ones wrote:
Does anyone know the more adequat pointers to these people ?
We could collect the relevant URL's somewhere.

From my point of view more coordination would be useful.
I do not see any conflicts right now.
What I propose:
1. find a way that allows to find out who is working on what
2. find a way to communicate the diffrent approaches
3. find out were there is conceptual consens

If there are no conflicts, there is an enormous potential of
collaborative power.

Henning Timcke

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Betreff:        RE: AICI: Focus

> Did anybody knew about ?


Many AIC-I people - founders even - are active in davic and vice versa.
I have had conversations with DAVIC management about AIC-I.
This is a small world ...

> Hope we have found all and everything of importance to our
> common interests before December.

What do you mean / propose?
Do you see conflicting interests?

Rob Koenen


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