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Yes, I think assistance would be helpful. Could you elaborate a little on
how XML could meet these kinds of requirements?

1) "referencing cache data"  -- in transient caches and data carousels

2) "querying caches"  -- to determine what is currently in them and

3) "supporting session management"  -- i.e. identifying, launching,
subscribing, terminating multiple streaming sessions.

I think a key challenge if finding the right level of abstraction -- some
people think of all this a high-level, authoring issue, some think of it as
low level exposing of the syntax of things like MPEG transport streams.


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>Hi Simon
>As far as I can see: your requirements can be met with XML.
>Please let me know if we can be of assistance in working this out.
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>Throwing in a generic look at URIs, namespaces, and "looking into" a
>resource to see what it contains:
>"Namespaces in XML" World Wide Web Consortium Working Draft
>This is a proposed general solution to using URIs in namespaces, which
>be a way to "point into" resources.
>This "pointing into"/namespace could be a "channel space", stream, or data
>cache.  This may be a more flexible tool than URIs alone (particularly if
>you assume that the resource pointed into could contain structured data
>itself, say an XML data structure).
>Rather than hardwire all possible resources, available
>sessions/sessions/stream/cache resources may need to be queryable, and the
>namespace identifier may need to be separable from the authored content.
>Such an approach may offer greater flexibility, authorability, and resource
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>>Henning Timcke wrote:
>>> Sorry
>>> This problem is already solved with UR*.
>>> There is no difference between a local device and broadcast device.
>>Well  - there's alot of difference between a local device anda broadcast
>device. For one, broadcast devices deliver ATSC
>>or DVB
>>or DSS ... MPEG-2 transport streams (not worrying about analog
>>for the moment). Local devices may or may not - depends what
>>type of device we're dealing with. Another difference, broadcast
>>transport streams have unique names based on things like
>>network ids and service ids - this does not simply carry over
>>for in-home content.
>>> It is no problem to give every device an IP.
>>Are you saying it's no problem to give my camcorder, DVD playeretc an IP
>address? It may be no problem imagining that
>>device in the house has an IP address - but this is different
>>from reality: many existing home-networkable AV products
>>are not IP-based, and many CE companies are working
>>on non-IP architectures for home networking.

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