RE: work on url for television started

From: Larry Masinter (
Date: Sat, Oct 17 1998

From: "Larry Masinter" <>
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Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 21:17:57 PDT
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Subject: RE: work on url for television started

There are a variety of other ways of accomplishing the
same results, that are, perhaps, more common. For example,
it's common to have an embedded object, where the object
itself sets up the context and content of the embedded
display. E.g., the HTML file just contains a "file:" or
"http:" or whatever URL, and the object that is retrieved
contains all of the parameters, configuration, tuning elements,
display manipulation, etc. for connecting to the local or
remote device.

It's rare that new applicaitons actually need a new 
_URL scheme_. Maybe you just need a MIME type which is
'application/local-device-controller' or even

I'm just trying to understand which kind of 'resource location'
problem you're solving by having a non-uniform "uniform
resource locator".

I'm not trying to argue you out of having a TV scheme, just
to push back so that the requirements are made clearer.