Re: AW: work on url for television started

From: Simon Gibbs (
Date: Fri, Oct 16 1998

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Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 13:55:23 -0700
From: Simon Gibbs <>
To: Henning Timcke <>
CC: "" <>, Philipp Hoschka <>, Rodger Lea <>
Subject: Re: AW: work on url for television started

Henning Timcke wrote:

> Sorry
> This problem is already solved with UR*.
> There is no difference between a local device and broadcast device.

Well  - there's alot of difference between a local device anda broadcast device. For one, broadcast devices deliver ATSC
or DVB
or DSS ... MPEG-2 transport streams (not worrying about analog
for the moment). Local devices may or may not - depends what
type of device we're dealing with. Another difference, broadcast
transport streams have unique names based on things like
network ids and service ids - this does not simply carry over
for in-home content.

> It is no problem to give every device an IP.

Are you saying it's no problem to give my camcorder, DVD playeretc an IP address? It may be no problem imagining that
device in the house has an IP address - but this is different
from reality: many existing home-networkable AV products
are not IP-based, and many CE companies are working
on non-IP architectures for home networking.