Workshop feedback sought

Date: Mon, Jul 06 1998

Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 09:53:06 EDT
Subject: Workshop feedback sought

Dear participants of "TV-Web":

At the end of the workshop, we came up with a prioritized list of 
"TV-Web" topics that may require W3C action.

I said that I would also send around a "feeback form" afterwards to allow
further ideas/discussion. You´ll find this at the end of this mail.

However, please feel free to simply drop me a note expressing 
your personal view on future work on real-time multimedia within W3C after 
participating at "TV-Web", or any other comments you might have on the 

It would be most useful if you could send this back until tomorrow nite 
European time, since I´ll have to report to W3C management on Wednesday.

Feel free to respond to the list, or me personnally.

Technical review

An initial list of list of issues, opportunities and problems which 
may need to be addressed by W3C in the area had been collected 
at the end of the workshop.

The following topics had high priority:

1. New URL-scheme for TV channels [high] 
    (new URL for content in TV services) 
     broadcast-specific data on the Web (SI/PSI-like metadata:
      schedule, etc.) 
2. Broadcast HTML (tv-related profile of CSS, HTML, etc.) [high] 
3. Authoring guidelines [high] 
4. Default style sheet for TV [high] 

The following topics had medium to low priority:

5. Metadata description/transport [10]
6. interaction mechanisms for streaming media, linking [10]  
7. controlling streaming media [6] 
8. filtering/transforming data for specific devices 
    device profiles [6] 
     (re-processing color palettes, guidelines for ~,...) 
9. accurate layout control[5] 
10. transition effects in CSS [5] 
11. temporal layout in CSS [3] 
12. API to VCR controls (and other devices) [3] 
13. "unidirectional HTTP" [2] 
14. caching streaming content [1] 



-  Topic 1, "URL schemes for TV":  I´m wondering whether much of this
hasn´t been already addressed by Dan Zigmond´s Internet Draft on
"tv-urls". Unfortunately, it has been deleted from the draft 
archive (see
Dan, could you send a pointer to a newer version ?
If you´re familiar with this work, how does it fall short of what is
needed ?

- Topic 9, "accurate layout control": how do the positioning capabilities of
or SMIL basic layout fall short here ? Both are existing W3C recommendations.
They allow pixel-based x/y positioning, and z-ordering for "pseudo-3d".

- Topic 11, "temporal layout in CSS": what is the motivation of this ? SMIL
already provides temporal layout, albeit as an XML-based format


Please go through this list of topics and try answering the following 
questions for the topics you feel comfortable with:

- Do you believe you can contribute to this topic ? In which way ? 
(note that any commitements here are provisional only)
- If the topic should not be treated by W3C, which other forum 
should treat it ?

Looking at the list of all topics:
- Is there anything missing from the list ?

Organisational review

- Did the workshop fullfill your expectations ?
- What did you get out of it ? 
- What should be done differently next time ?

Thank you very much !

Best regards

-Philipp Hoschka