Re: Is there any ongoing work on HTTP?

Hi Sylvian,

There are... rumblings. It would probably be best to ask this on the  
HTTP mailing list;

On 2006/05/09, at 7:33 AM, Sylvain Hellegouarch wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> The W3 protocols page states:
> """Now that both HTTP extensions and HTTP/1.1 are stable  
> specifications,
> W3C has closed the HTTP Activity. The Activity has achieved its  
> goals of
> creating a successful standard that addresses the weaknesses of  
> earlier
> HTTP versions."""
> My question is then simple? Is there any plan to update HTTP after  
> almost
> 6 years its last specification has been issued?
> As naive as it may sound, the last few years have shown that HTTP  
> was not
> alsways either understood or clear enough on some topics. To name a  
> few:
> * The lack of clear separation between an HTTP status code and the  
> header
> sent along the response
> * The endless issue about the idempotency or not of HTTP methods
> * The real usability of pipelinig (today's networks are not onmes  
> of 10
> years ago)
> * The usability of 100-Continue
> * Is the Accept header efficient
> I believe there are more issues of course.
> Now some might say these are minor problems and do not require a  
> new WG
> process and this is certainly true (I'm a simple hacker with little
> knowledge of how the W3 internally works). However I felt intrigued to
> know if there were even "corridor discussions" on that matter :)
> Intrigued because HTTP has been becoming more and more heavily used
> (internet connections are getting cheaper, globalization of  
> companies with
> offices all around the World, the recent success of REST and  
> technologies
> such as Ajax) and it sounds like a good time to me clarify blurry  
> topics.
> Anyway, just to know if there was any life around HTTP these days.
> Regards,
> - Sylvain

Mark Nottingham

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