PERL CGI: 2 POST methods using same parameters


I'm trying to create an html page (with a cgi script) which after allowing 
the user to pick among a few choices (by checking on the appropriate 
check-box), it asks the user to pick between two actions, namely two 
different POST methods which take them to different cgi scripts, but which 
need to have access to the same set of values.

The problem I am having right now is that if the user picks the second 
action by clicking on the second submit button, the values only get stored 
in the first form (ie. when clicking on the first button), and I don't seem 
to have access to them from the second form.

Is there a way to share the values between two html forms containing POST 
methods pointing to different cgi scripts?
If not, what would be the best way to share user choices between to scripts 
that can be called from the same html page?


Ariadna Font Llitjos

Received on Wednesday, 21 January 2004 19:07:14 UTC