ten years of www-talk!

This list was started ten years ago today. See TimBL's intro
message to the list on Oct 28, 1991. [1]

There has been a lot of great discussion on this list over the
years, especially when it was most active in 1993-1995.

It's too bad it isn't used more now IMHO; I think there are still
a lot of interesting technical issues that could be discussed here.
I guess those issues have found a home elsewhere, such as other
W3C lists, Usenet newsgroups, or various software-specific forums.

But I think there are still a lot of topics that belong on this
list, like:

  - deployment of "new" URI schemes (e.g., mid:, irc:, tel:)
  - spec interpretation issues
  - problems with the current Web, and how to get them fixed
  - the Web and P2P systems
  - the use of Web protocols and markup languages in modern
    desktop environments (e.g., gnome, kde, win*)
  - building trust systems to allow webmasters to fix broken
    links in their documents automatically?
  - collecting prior art for various Web-related patents
    (and generating prior art against tomorrow's ;)

Anyone else agree/disagree, or have other things you want to discuss?
If so, speak up! Also, feel free to recruit people to this list if
you think they have relevant expertise and interest to contribute.
(e.g., browser/server developers) Refer to info about this list [3]
and how to subscribe. [4]

 -- Gerald
    www-talk list maintainer

[1] WorldWideWeb mailing list:  Introduction
    a.k.a. mid:9110281533.AA06989@%20nxoc01.cern.ch%20

[2] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-talk/
    Unfortunately, our online archive of this list is currently
    incomplete (1993 and 1994 are missing); we have the data, but
    our list archive software can't parse it in its current form
    and we haven't managed to make time to fix it yet. However,
    I have an archive on my personal site that is complete:

[3] http://www.w3.org/Mail/Lists#www-talk
[4] http://www.w3.org/Mail/Request

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