Re: Web Object Services

> How do I do this with existing web capabilities?
> I presume we would need some common or coordinated RDF repository.  I would
> somehow find the RDF service with UDDI and get the needed SOAP services from
> the WSDL definitions?

> Perhaps there are answers to these questions, but without the answers the web
> is no more than big file store.  Objects on the web is certainly possible
> today, but unless there are standards we cannot say "web objects" and not be
> mixing apples and oranges.
I totally agree - however, I think that web services are just not yet ready
for the kind of application you have in mind.

Maybe the xml-dev list would yeild some better leads - but I think you end up
needing to create a lot of these specifications yourself.  ;-)

You might also contact some of the existing standards bodies - they certainly
will be motivated by many of the same issues as your clients!

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