Re: TAG and WWW Architecture

On 06 Jun 2001 13:43:33 -0500, Aaron Swartz wrote:
> Folks, please, let's not turn this into a bash-the-W3C session -- they get
> enough of that already. Instead, let's try and keep on-topic with
> constructive solutions about how the W3C can improve their openness, without
> sacrificing too much.

Sorry Aaron, but if trust in the W3C is the fundamental issue at stake
here, openness is really only one aspect of the discussion.

When people make claims like:
>the public's trust does and will ultimately rest in the
>continued soundness of the recommendations that W3C publishes.  The
>point where those recommendations show up with faults (other than
>self-serving resistance in certain instances of some in the community)
>will be the time to object.

which suggest to me that the community should let the W3C do its work as
it pleases until such time as faults appear, there's a serious
disconnect at work.

To summarize, I do not find that recent creations of the W3C are of
sufficient quality that the public should simply trust the W3C to do the
right thing in building the architecture of the Web.  I strongly
recommend that developers monitor the W3C closely and that the W3C, for
its own sake and the sake of the technology it produces, should take
steps to increase its transparency substantially.

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