Re: TAG and WWW Architecture

From: "William F. Hammond" <>

> Moreover, the public's trust does and will ultimately rest in the
> continued soundness of the recommendations that W3C publishes.  The
> point where those recommendations show up with faults (other than
> self-serving resistance in certain instances of some in the community)
> will be the time to object.

I can think of a number of cases where the W3C has ignored the legitimate
concerns of the developer community, and continues to do so as if it were
its prerogative.  I list some that come easily to mind:

1) Confusing abstract entities with Internet accessible content;
2) Putting semantic validation of RDF where it cannot be done practically;
3) Failing to provide a practical and legitimate method of communicating
collections of RDF statements.

Seth Russell

Received on Wednesday, 6 June 2001 12:37:30 UTC