Re: TAG and WWW Architecture

Simon --

> I'm afraid that the 'faults' of Namespaces in XML have already raised
> objections, though I certainly can't comment on whether they are
> self-serving or not.

When I see XHTML with namespace extensions working well in both
(1) Amaya and (2) the development version of Mozilla+SVG+MathML,
I am very pleased.  The example document instances degrade properly in
older user agents.  (Namespace syntax in these instances always is
limited to only the xmlns attribute.  Yes, it is verbose, if, as I
also think wise, there is no internal declaration subset in
HTTP-served text/html, but it is not verbose for me as an author using
gellmu's newcommand with arguments.)

(One of those user agents handles the same instances equally well
whether served as "text/xml" or as "text/html" -- which is consistent
with my idea of how that should be.)

I am also very happy to see my old two byte version of SP validating
the document instances that work for those two user agents against
Murray Altheim's flattened DTD once the plane 1 character entities
(for fraktur, calligraphic, and "blackboard bold" math chars) are
removed to accommodate my copy of SP.

>                                                    and XHTML isn't
> exactly receiving a rousing welcome from either vendors or the Web
> development community.

Is there a legacy user agent that now chokes on the specific XHTML URI
"" ?  Content providers who do not want new things
may use HTML 4.01.

                                    -- Bill

Received on Wednesday, 6 June 2001 14:01:23 UTC