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I have always wondered, and maybe you are the man to ask, why W3C puts
other stuff than contact information inside the address element on their
site. I have seen W3C for example put "Valid HTML 4!" inside the address

The following appears in HTML 4.01 about the address tag:

   The ADDRESS element may be used by authors to supply contact
   information for a document or a major part of a document such as a
   form. This element often appears at the beginning or end of a

   For example, a page at the W3C Web site related to HTML might include
   the following contact information:

   <A href="../People/Raggett/">Dave Raggett</A>,
   <A href="../People/Arnaud/">Arnaud Le Hors</A>,
   contact persons for the <A href="Activity">W3C HTML Activity</A><BR>
   $Date: 1999/12/24 23:37:50 $

Even in your example there you put a date and some other text that is
clearly not an address or direct contact information. If I look at the use
of the address element it seems to be more of a way to make text italic
(in Netscape at least) than to mark up _contact_ information.

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> Also, isn't signed.
> Please add <address>...</address> markup
> per .
> While you're at it, I suggest a link to site-comments ala..
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