Re: www-watchdog?

"Simon St.Laurent" wrote:
> Does anyone know what the mailing list "www-watchdog" is for?
> Archives (two bits of nothing much) at:
> It goes back to 1998, at least.  Searches on the W3C don't turn up much
> beyond the archives and stray unrelated questions.

Looking in the system administration archives, I see that
it was set up in 1998 by Rolf Nelson for discussion
of P3P watchdog, which was a piece of software... I think
it was a proxy that warned users about privacy issues.
Rolf left W3C in June 1999.

I found a few other things using

  "P3P watchdog entered to CVS for backup purposes."


Rigo, would you either put some info in the archive cover
page for www-watchdog or close the list?

I can't find much about the P3P watchdog. I started
at our homepage, where I noticed that searching for "Privacy"
doesn't help me find P3P. site-comments folks: I suggest
"P3P and Privacy" or some such in the A-Z list.
If the P3P watchdog is available somewhere, I'd like
to see it linked from /P3P and perhaps from the site
index and perhaps from the list of software at /Status

Also, isn't signed.
Please add <address>...</address> markup
per .
While you're at it, I suggest a link to site-comments ala..

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