Re: HTTP Conformance Testing

Dear Trevor,

At 15:22 -0600 07/09/2000, Trevor Russ wrote:
>Are there any tools for testing the conformance of a server to the 
>HTTP 1.1 specification?  I've spent a while prowling for such things 
>(yes, even searching the list archives), but it looks like most 
>conformance testing is either for HTTP clients, or for HTML 
>documents.  I even found after some digging, 
>but that looks like it is geared towards testing client applications.

There isn't a specific and complete Test Suite for HTTP. We have 
planned at W3C to do one. It will be one of our goal for the quality 
evaluation and testing of products supporting the W3C standards.

But you should try at jigsaw, there are some tests.

Karl Dubost / W3C - Conformance Manager

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