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Semantic Web: A Summary, and a Discussion

From: Sean B. Palmer <sean@mysterylights.com>
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 16:22:36 -0000
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Hi Everyone,
Here is a summary of some of the questions asked:-

1. What really *is* the Semantic Web?
2. How much of it is related to the history of the WWW?
3. How much of it is related to the current WWW?
4. Are RDF and XML Schemas good enough as SW technologies?
5. How can we possibly get the public to use such a complex system?
6. Where should such discussions take place?
7. What is the next step?
8. What about Semantic Output Technologies?
9. When can I build my site as a fully Semantic web?
10. What other tehnologies are being developed with the SW in mind?

That's a lot of questions, none of which are particularly easy to answer.
Maybe we could start an FAQ, as someone suggested?
My 2c worth:
1. The Semantic Web is a machine processble self describing web of
extensible dynamic languages. It is logic based, but essentially provides a
huge database of Semantically marked up information, ready for output (whcih
should itself be Semantic).
2. The SW is very close to the true vision of the WWW: the way the WWW
should be. If it isn't *we* can and should change the vision and the methods
involved (Power to the People etc.)
3. The SW will evolve from current WWW technologies, but many UI problems
will result, and need to be solved.
4. RDF is a stepping stone for the SW, but personally I don't think it is
the end. It is not even really the start...
5. SW data can be generated fairly easily, so it will be relatively easy to
create Semantic files, and UI media. That's how the Web was envisaged: no
one would be looking at the source, it would all be done with tools. Now
it's time to start...
6. Not sure.
7. See 8.
8. Well, I've offered SDF
(http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-rdf-interest/2000Nov/0033.html) as
the next logical step in our discusions. Really, I think UI problems in the
SW need to be addressed first of all: how we can use RDF and other SW
technologies on our sites NOW ;-)
9. See above.
10. Does anybody know of a list of resources?

Hope this is all useful, some of it is "IMHO", but I am very glad it is
being discussed more now. The SW always seemed to be "taboo", mainly due to
disinformation and ambiguity.

Kindest Regards,
Sean B. Palmer
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