Cache-Control Interpetation

If a Cache-Control header is received with e.g.
	no-store, community="UCI", max-age=30
from your sample (another discussion).

Can a client or proxy server only use the first word: "no-store". On the
proxy I'm writing, the goal is to only look at the first word: "no-store",
simply assuming the rest is meant as a parameter from this keyword.

Thereby isn't it a better way to send something like this?????
	no-store, community="UCI; max-age=30

this way you can interpet the cache (for community-aware proxies/clients)
should use no-store if there community is "UCI", otherwise they should use

Another question, where can I find information about community-aware
caching? (RFC #?)

Joris Dobbelsteen

Received on Wednesday, 26 April 2000 11:36:46 UTC