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> hello,
> a question: is there an xml tool out there for reading a c++ class and
> transforming it to an xml file?
> i whould be very grateful if i could get my hands on such a tool.
> someone must have already thought about.
> do you know maybe of a link to a site where such a tool can be found.

What do you mean by a "C++" class?  do you mean the abstract class itself
or an instance of itself?  For example if you had class named countries,
you would want to transform the specific of countries named "Israel" into
XML, right?

While there may exist some tool out there to do it, I would think that the
best way would be to define a class named "XMLable" or something that only
defined a single method: char* toXML();

This function would return an XML rendering of the class.

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