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Following a call to the W3C Administrator @ MIT, I was directed to submit
this question via e-mail for the best response.

It's a simple question really, and here it is:

I'm presently putting together a presentation for our Intranet. In doing
so, I have a need to utilize some Greek Characters (sigma, rho, tau,
etc...) as well as horizontal & vertical "arrows".

As I am not a programmer by trade, and having read a little (HTML 4
self-help type book) I believe I should be able to call the character sets
defined in your document "Named character entities" accessible at your
web-site ( http://www. I'm
using Netscape 4.6 on Windows NT (& 4.7 on Windows 98) to develop the Web
Pages with notepad.

This is where I hope you can help. Exactly how do I call the character set
I want to use? I've gone as far as viewing the referenced RFC2045 document
on the web to call the "Arrow" and "Greek" subsets listed under "Named
entities for symbols, mathematical symbols and Greek letters" (pages 3,4 &
5 of "Named character entities") via the following meta statement:

<META  http-equiv="Content-Type" Content="text/html; charset= XXXX">

where XXXX is actually one of the names I put in (ie: "ISO8859-1-1" or
"greek" or "lat1" ,etc...)
the name "Arrows" doesn't seem to work, so I have to assume I'm not calling
it correctly.

In addition to telling me the correct call name, can you tell me if I can
combine names (more than a single character set) within the same HTML body?

I'd appreciate it if you could have someone contact me as the time
associated with my activity is quickly running out. Thank-you for you

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