Re: validation of HTTP on the wire

[Jay Chalfant <>]
> Hello,
> I'm looking for a tool that validates a web server's conformance to HTTP
> 1.0/1.1. We are using a 3rd party embedded web server in a system we are
> developing and we have evidence that it does not honor all of the requests
> it gets. (It appears to occassionally consume requests for linked elements
> in the original page.) The tool that I am thinking of would either process
> the output of a tool like tcpdump (packets generated by a separate user
> agent) or would operate as the user agent itself and simultaneously log
> requests/responses, possibly with header info.
> Any pointers are appreciated. 

Hmmm, a combo user-agent logger would be very neat... perhaps someone will 
hack such a thing into Mozilla.  Going the tcpdump route, check out
Ethereal at, nice graphical packet sniffer based on
libpcap with the ability to isolate individual tcp streams.

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