Re: Enforce reloading of page when using the back-button

On Wed, Mar 08, 2000 at 09:19:15PM -0500, Arjun Ray wrote:
>    History mechanisms and caches are different. In particular history
>    mechanisms SHOULD NOT try to show a semantically transparent view
>    of the current state of a resource. Rather, a history mechanism is
>    meant to show exactly what the user saw at the time when the 
>    resource was retrieved.

It's "the user" who is the problem here, thefactor the browser has
no control over.  Users can be replaced with others, as in this case,
without the browser realizing.

But if the developer gets to pick the browser, a Javascript solution
will suffice.


Received on Monday, 20 March 2000 09:51:36 UTC