Re: Enforce reloading of page when using the back-button

>History mechanisms and caches are different. 
>In particular history mechanisms SHOULD NOT 
>try to show a semantically transparent view 
>of the current state of a resource. Rather, 
>a history mechanism is meant to show exactly 
>what the user saw at the time when the 
>resource was retrieved. 

>That's a *given* of browser functionality.  
>An application that sees fit to demand 
>petulantly that something be done about 
>this, wasn't really for the web to begin with. 

No petulance here. And you may be right, the 
web may not support my application. But this 
attitude runs contrary to accepted wisdom, 
which is that the web is good for everything. 

The http working group discussed allowing the 
server to ask the browser not to honor the bit
above but chose not to. I would hope that you 
understand why I wish they had allowed for it.

I guess we'll just have to wait for http-ng...


Received on Wednesday, 8 March 2000 21:47:29 UTC