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Re: Client header for connection speed info

From: Kevin J. Dyer <kdyer@draper.com>
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2000 12:25:38 -0500
To: hardie@equinix.com, asgilman@iamdigex.net (Al Gilman)
Cc: tamagen@hotmail.com (Tam Freestone-Bayes), www-talk@w3.org
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Since the traffic is generated by the servers, for the most part, shouldn't 
the server and its protocols be aware of bandwidth problems and self-limit 
the feed?  Has anyone taken a look at the blocks protocol, submitted by 
invisible worlds, as a potential fit?


If an upgrade command is sent along then why wouldn't this be an 
appropriate protocol?
Before I get slammed, I realize that clients have to be able to understand 
this new protocol and that it is not a perfect fit for everyone.  I'm just 
asking if anyone has looked at this and could it be applied in certain cases?

At 08:37 PM 3/2/00 , hardie@equinix.com wrote:
>conneg's work is bounded to negotiation related to content features
>and does not include a registered feature tag for something like
>bandwidth or link speed.  While it would be possible to use the conneg
>syntax to create a "bandwidth" feature, I believe that doing so would
>not ultimately benefit content negotiation.  A device with a very low
>link speed may still be used to render very complex content; it
>increases the download time, but this may not matter to the end user
>(especially if the download is background or unattended).  I would
>suggest using MIME types and features to indicate the breadth of
>available content and/or the user's capabilities and preferences; the
>set intersection logic allowed by the conneg syntax is fairly powerful
>in its ability to match capabilities and content features.  This
>approach will also catch the case of high-link speed/low capability
>devices (like modem-equipped PDAs).

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