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We trying to collect maximum support form like minded people in "Virtual
Please read the mail and join this movement and/or pass to one whom you feel
Sorry if you have received this again through cross postings.
===============================================================Centre for
Transformation to
Virtual Working Environment

Internet has opened the possibility of going virtual in many respects.  The
numerous  newsgroups have successfully demonstrated that virtual working is
possible for the benefit of participants for fun, learning, teaching,
problem solving, interacting in respective newsgroups.  Unfortunately this
has remained at individual levels.  The organizational participation is
lacking even though benefits are agreed upon.  The organizations consist
from Presidents to Peons.  The job of this centre will be to TRANSFORM this
category to Virtual Working Environment.

The Virtual working will consist of Telecommuting, Electronic Commerce,
Information exchange, build knowledge base and transform workers to
knowledge workers with out the physical movement by using variety of
technological advances.

The advantages of virtual working will be
* Saving of daily commuting by thousands of workers all over the world
* Saving of Paper
* Better decision making due to faster flow of information
* Avoiding waste of material and energy
* Reduce burden on civic amenities in cities
* Reduce migration from villages to cities
* Distance learning to improve literacy rate

Those who are already engaged in such an activity and are already practising
at their level should now try to encourage their suppliers, customers, and
relatives to use and practice such working.

Efforts are already on by many but these need to be accelerated by those who
know and are capable of understanding the benefits.

This centre should have a life of not more than 10 years.  Later on it can
drop word *Transformation*.   It should then take on improvement and fine
tuning the working environment.  For almost last two centuries we have been
working at sites and old habits do not die that easily.

I am not propagating that we should not move at all.  There are certain
categories of work force like sales and service personnel, the delivery
staff, which will have to be on the move but there are many jobs which can
be switched over to virtual working.

I am appealing to all the recipients of this mail either individually or as
a member on the list to circulate this message and join the efforts to go
virtual.  I request you give your suggestions and comments and send them
directly to me on  Please do not post any
messages (as a reply) to any list since their objectives are different.  A
separate newsgroup will be created and active participants will be informed.
The first objective is to know about the like minded people and how the
message can be spread.  If anyone is aware of such activities we would like
to join without creating new group.  Our end objective is to practice
virtual working for the benefits stated earlier.

I am taking the responsibility as convenor and will be available only on
Mobile Phone and E -mail only.  A Internet site will be soon launched.
Contact for more information/participation to
Satish Hulyalkar
Mobile Phone >>>> 91-98230-11994
and e-mail >>>>

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