Re: RE: El horror de ETA / The horror of ETA

What is truely horrible about this is that people keep quoting the
entire thing back at the list they got it from, and also to every
single poor hapless person who is connected to all the other lists in
the pack.

We all know it's a stupid spam, and as such have ignored it. Now
please, please, please stop spreading it so all of us have to keep
downloading it multiple times!

Can I also suggest that each of these lists makes themselves 'write
only on member privelege'? Especially whichever one I'm attached to!

Thank you, and sorry for your time if you're as bored of this thing as
I am.


ps isn't it interesting that only Americans fall for 'don't bother to
get off your butt and still make a fortune' ads like this? (Before you
reply angrily, they wouldn't do it otherwise, eh?). 8^)

Let Ireland tell how Wit upheld her cause,
Her trade supported and supplied her Laws
And leave on Swift this grateful verse engraved
"The rights a Court attack'd a Poet sav'd"

Received on Saturday, 11 October 1997 15:00:46 UTC