Re: Metadata and the Internet as Communities Network

> The consumer interest in metainformation is best couched in
> questions.  Metadata proposals say "I can associate your objects
> with these facts."  The consumer needs to come to the table
> saying "Can your solution answer these questions?"
> --Al Gilman


Thanks for the great advice.  Perhaps others might have specific 
suggestions on which tables "consumers" or Internet users/content 
developers should send their requests for "solutions."

It is clear that Netscape, Microsoft, and others are keen to provide 
technical solutions for a set of electronic commerce needs.  I see 
many of those needs as similar to community building needs, but I'd 
like to target my messages to the right people in the right places.

So who at Microsoft, Netscape, ... should be contacted about issues 
in this area?

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Received on Saturday, 4 October 1997 13:10:30 UTC