printing html

Hello all, 

Has any print support been added yet for HTML? 

I had to write a program about a year a go to translate HTML into
EPS...and added support for invisible tags like: <!--HEAD--><!--FOOT-->

The only thing I need is reasonable support for 
	print-only and view-only regions
	page headers/footers 
	tables with rolling headers/footers.

Is this something I can easily do with styles?  Can someone give me an

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>> How should one refer to an internal anchor in such a file.  Are
>> <A HREF="./#section1>An internal anchor in the default file</A>
>> <A HREF="index.html#section1>An internal anchor in the default file</A>
>> equivalent, 
>These are not equivalent, just as the URLs without the #section1
>fragment identifier are not equivalent. In most cases, they will
>refer to the same document at the same location, because most servers
>will send back the contents of file 'index.html' if the browser requests
>a 'directory URL'. But that is only a convention.
>(I'm assuming you intended to close the quotes for the values of both
>HREF attributes)
>> or with browsers or other user agents treat #section1 as a 
>> filename?
>They must not. The #section1 part must always be treated as a
>fragment identifier. If you want to use a literal '#' character
>in an URL, you must URL-encode it as %23 (the hexadecimal code
>for the position of the '#' character in the ISO Latin 1 character set).
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