Re: Idea for improved Checkbox and Radio Buttons (call for discussion) (fwd)

Once upon a time Tony Sanders shaped the electrons to say...
>Arnoud "Galactus" Engelfriet writes:
>> Why? The closing tag would be ignored by all current browsers,
>> and they would not render the accompanying text as clickable label,
>> but that's what you can expect on non-supporting browsers.
>Right, that's why I said **it's obviously too late** for modifying <INPUT>.

You missed his point.  It is NOT too late to modify INPUT.

Making it a container now will not break older browsers.  They just won't
make the text clickable.  Fine.  They'd do the same thing with a new

Moving forward it is just as easy for them to make INPUT as container as
it is to add a new element.  Easier really.

>This would also be a huge win for users with visual disabilities
>because there would be a way of connecting information to the
>checkbox or radiobutton that it is "labeling".  That information
>is currently lacking from HTML forms and yet it is present in almost

There are already ways to do that - table cells for example.

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