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WindDance Networks Announces Integrated Distributed Web Site Management Software
WebChallenger 97 is The First Fully Integrated Java-based Web Site Management 
System to Enable Effective Implementation and Management of Stand-alone or 
Distributed Web Sites.

OTTAWA, Ontario, September 9, 1997 -- WindDance Networks Corporation, an 
emerging leader in distributed web site management software, today announced the beta 
release of its flagship distributed web management product WebChallenger 97. 

WebChallenger 97 is the first HTML, Java-based software product that combines both 
web management and network management capacities through one easy-to-use browser 
interface.  Unlike stand-alone web site analysis, content verification utilities or 
high-end network management offerings that address only one specific problem, 
WebChallenger 97 is a comprehensive web site management product that offers 
real-time troubleshooting functions to help both the web master at the application 
level and the network administrator at the physical level. 
WindDance Networks envisions the web is the network and has fulfilled this vision 
with the release of WebChallenger 97.  
WebChallenger's functions include web site exploration, server's content verification, 
server load balancing, networks problem determination, server performance 
measurement, real time server failure detection and real time client usage statistics.

The release of WebChallenger 97 signifies the maturity of web management software 
industry which, in the past, has been plagued with individual, incomplete, fragmented 
tools that provide little assistance in the management of large distributed web sites,
said Cuong Vu, President of WindDance Networks.

WebChallenger 97 runs on a Windows NT 4.0 system with or without web server.  
WebChallenger 97 provides all the web management functions to the web servers by 
monitoring the servers' traffic on the local area network and therefore can support all 
types of web server running on all platforms including Windows NT, Unix, VAX/VMS, 
AS/400 and S/390 mainframes.

There are two versions of WebChallenger 97: Standard WebChallenger and Distributed 
WebChallenger.  Standard WebChallenger is deployed in a stand-alone implementation.  
Distributed WebChallenger is used in an enterprise situation where server load balancing 
and internationalization of web traffic is required.  "Internationalization of web site is 
another feature that is unique to WebChallenger.  This feature enables the world's web 
sites to deliver appropriate contents in appropriate languages to the audiences based on 
their location," said Cuong Vu.

More information on WebChallenger 97 can be found at
A copy of WebChallenger 97 Beta software can be downloaded for evaluation purposes.
The released version of WebChallenger 97 should be available in mid October.   
WebChallenger 97 software license will be available free of charge to non-profit and 
educational institutions for non-commercial usage.  For commercial usage, 
WebChallenger 97 software licenses start at $1,000 per server.

About WindDance Networks Corporation
WindDance Networks is a privately held Internet software company that was founded in 
early 1997 by Cuong Vu, the former Communications Group Leader at Hummingbird 
Communications (NASDAQ: HUMCF).  Also, on the board of WindDance Networks is
Hung Vu, the founder and CEO of Milkyway Networks (TSE: MKY), co-founder of 
i*internet (now iSTAR, TSE: WWW) and a founding member of Hummingbird 
Communications (NASDAQ: HUMCF).

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