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From: Internet Business Group <internetbuss@rocketmail.com>
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 1997 19:27:45 PDT
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Owen Software Development - Database Programming & Internet Services

Database Design Programming
WWWeb Home Page Design, WebMaster, Hosting, Announcing Service.

Now accept CREDIT CARDS with our services, send for information.
We will Selling Your Product at our site. 
We have a FREE ANNOUNCING SERVICE too, please come by and try it!
Owen Software Development 
P.O. BOX 12554 
OGDEN, UT 84412-2554
E-mail: osdpob@www.webdevelop.com
WWWeb Home Page: http://www.webdevelop.com/~osdpob
Imagine, A business on the internet for $19.95. Sounds unheard
of right, Wrong! 
This is the place you can get it. Start you own internet business
for $19.95 and recieve a bundle of goodies to get you started. 

Investigative Resources Disk
(comes with 2 main components):

Investigative resources of all kinds! If you ever dreamed of
doing any kind of investigative work for a living, or just needed
to find something or someone you were looking for, then this
package is the ticket.

Put together by a successful private investigator in Florida, this
is the most exhaustive collection of investigative sources yet!
The directory gives you actual company names, addresses,
phone numbers, and complete contact information.

Here are some typical examples taken from this valuable
directory of CURRENT sources. These are being used by
investigators all over the country and the world.

Directory entries are categorized into the following groups: 

1. Investigative Services and Resources
2. Government Resources
3. Financial Services and Resources
4. Genealogical Categories
5. Experts

This really is a super package whether you use it for yourself or
choose to re-sell it on the internet.

This package comes complete with its own reader which has
been written in gwbasic. (Mac users will need to install a
software emulator to run this programme and should visit
www.software.com or www.shareware.com to find a
reader/viewer for a macintosh/apple.)

The second part of the investigative package is a real bonus! It
is a catalog for exotic stuff such as hard-to-find chemicals,
bugging devices, de-scramblers, automatic ammo, and other
hard-to-find items.

This catalog can be loaded into any word processor.

There you have it! This is just one part of your $19.95 package.
Don't forget you have an entire set of 101 reports on topics such
as "Repairing your Credit", "How to Detect and Expose Scams
on the Internet", and many more that come complete with a
reader software, and the rights for unlimited reproduction and
re-sale either individually or as a bundle.

WWWeb Home Page: http://www.webdevelop.com/~osdpob/webbiz.html

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