bgproperties=fixed (fwd)

Once upon a time Michael Bartlett shaped the electrons to say...
>What's the deal with the bgproperties=fixed tag?

It was invented by MS and is MSIE specific.

>Why doesn't it work in Netscape and is there a tag that does the same thing
>for Netscape? It makes a page (in some circumstances) look a lot for

It doesn't work in Netscape because it is NOT standard and they did not
invent it.  MS added it on their own.

It is not likely to be standard, ever, as Style Sheets allow for this
kind of thing already.

>Also, what's the situation on floating frames with Netscape!

Those are also non-standard and a MS invention.  They are in the HTML 4.0
proposal if I recall correctly.  But that is still a proposal.

>ARGGH Netscape and Microsoft should get their act together and include the
>same tags!

Don't use non-standard elements and you don't have to worry.  If YOU
decide to use vendor specific tags, you have only yourself to blame when
you run into trouble.

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